Black Dirt Farm is a family farm in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Our full-cycle farm is managed regeneratively to support its long-term productivity and ecology. By closing the loop, our farm mimics the functions of an ecosystem. We collect food scraps from our community for feeding hens, make compost and worm castings with the excess food and manure, and use it to nourish our soils and crops. We are proud of our products and excited to share them.



Farm Products

Our diversified farm produces a number of products  Eggs >  Hay >  Meat birds >  Compost >   Selectively harvested timber >


Compost Services

Black Dirt Farm provides weekly compost collection services to businesses and institutions.

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HP Worm Castings

Rich in microbial life and organic nutrients, this unique soil amendment cultivates the dynamic soil base that is the key to productive, thriving plants!

High Potency Worm Castings >