Forest to Frame

We harvest lumber and other forest products from our 175 acres of mixed-species forest. Our Forest Management Plan focuses on forest health and providing us with harvest guidelines that prioritize long term diversity and timber quality. We harvest all materials with the farm’s draft horses who run on the original bio-fuel – our own BDF hay. This low-impact traditional method, offers the least disturbance to surrounding trees, plants, and soil. Our management, harvest, skidding, and milling approach is transparent, accountable, and good to the land and the local economy.

 We time our cuts and timber removal with seasonal conditions to prevent and minimize soil erosion and understory impacts. Typically this means removing our larger log piles in the winter, when we can skid them over the snow and ice. We skid much of our wood in log length which means the entirety of our trees canopy stay in the forest for decomposition and recycling on the forest floor.

 All the timbers and lumber purchased from us is milled locally within two miles of the farm by the talented sawyer, David Ducharme of Lamoille Valley Lumber, whose family has been working with forest and wood products for generations. 

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Species Available

Spruce, Balsam Fir, White Pine, Eastern White Cedar, and Maple

Forest to Frame

  • Dimensional Lumber & Timbers Dimensional lumber and timbers are harvested by the order and sawed to your specifications. Orders may require a three month turnaround, and are dependent upon the season and quantity of the order.
  • House Frames - We have Spruce, Balsam, Pine, and Eastern White Cedar available. Accepting projects within the 4,000-20,000 board foot range. Comes with a photo of your logs being skidded out of the woods with the horses. 
  • Cedar Fence Posts - Posts cut to 6' with a sharpened tip for easy driving. Custom lengths available.
  • Fuel Wood
  • Unique Wood -  Birch, Butternut, Maple and other hardwoods (ask about our inventory).


We are seasonally available for off-farm logging jobs in the local area. Give us a call and we’d be happy to talk about your project.