About our Meat Birds

Black Dirt Farm's chickens are raised with gratitude and respect, on organic grain and a rotationally managed pasture of Timothy grass, Purple Vetch, Sweet Clover, and Dandelion. They follow a rotation behind our horses allowing them the benefits of fresh pasture and all its promises of insects to eat, as well as the horse manure piles which foster their own food webs. This rotation helps us manage potential equine parasites, spread manure, improve pasture soils, and manage our overall forage production and quality.

The birds are raised in accordance with organic standards, without hormones or antibiotics. The breed we are raising this year are called Freedom Rangers. All birds are slaughtered on the farm and sold from the farm. For discounted prices and fresh meat, preorder your chickens at $5.50/lb.; otherwise birds are sold frozen from our farm stand at $6.50/lb.

Meat Bird Preorder

We offer a 15% discount for preordering your meat birds. To participate in our preorder program you must make a deposit before the preorder deadline, as well as agree to pick up your birds from the farm on the set date.

    • Deadline to order: Monday 8/1
    • Pick Up date: Thursday 8/11
    • Deadline to order: Thursday 9/1
    • Pick Up date: Thursday 9/8
    • Deadline to order: Saturday 10/1
    • Pick Up date: Thursday 10/6

The birds range in size from 4-7 lbs., and will be provided whole and fresh (not frozen). When making your reservation please indicate your desired size of bird and we will do our best to accommodate that. 

To sign up for the pre-order either use the form below, send your order + a check to the farm, or sign up at the farm using the sheet provided in the Farm Stand. To confirm your order you must make a deposit of $10.00 per bird. This amount will be attributed to the total cost of the bird (at $5.50/lb.).

1. Preorder Registration

Name *
Bird Size
Pick Up Date

Preorder your meat birds and save 15% off the retail price! Reserve your birds:

  1. Electronically: using the Preorder form below
  2. By Mail: indicate your preferences and send a check for the deposit to the farm
  3. At the Farm Stand: Use the Preorder Sign-Up Sheet located inside the Littlest Farm Stand

Ask us about the rest of the chicken!

  • Liver - $6.00/lb.
  • Heart - $1.50/lb.
  • Neck - $3.00/lb.
  • Feet - $3.00/bag (20 feet/3 lbs.)

2. Preorder Deposit

To confirm your reservation electronically please make a deposit using the "Buy Now" below. Please note: there is a $0.75-$1.00 charge included in the price listed to use this online reservation service.

Number of Birds