We offer manure collection services within 30 miles of the farm.  If you’re interested in having your manure collected, please review our list of criteria to ensure your manure is consistent with our requirements. Due to herbicide contamination of manures from livestock feeds, it is now essential that we screen manures before collecting them. Please refer to the criteria below, as well as the Agency of Natural Resources fact sheet Persistent Herbicide Information For Horse & Livestock Owners. Even if you don’t use herbicides on site, animals fed conventional grain or hay may be consuming highly persistent herbicides.

Manure criteria

Manures we collect must be less than 6 months old, not stored where storm water collects, and solid enough to stack.  We do not take manure from farms that actively use any of the Herbicides listed below. If you do not make your own hay, or do not purchase organic feed or hay, please contact your supplier and clarify if the products listed below have been used on the source farm within the last three years. Due to the potency and persistence of the active chemicals in these products, we cannot accept them.

What are Persistent Herbicides? 

- Excerpt from "Persistent Herbicide Information For Horse and Livestock Owners", Vermont Agency of Natural Resources & Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets 9/23/15

Persistent Herbicides are chemicals used to kill weeds that compete with grass and grain crops. While they are often used to target weeds such as thistle and bed straw, they are effective at damaging other dicots and broad leaved plants (tomatoes, beans, etc). Some of these herbicides are new and used because they require fewer applications and are less toxic to mammals, fish, and waterways than other chemicals.

Common Persistent Herbicides

PICLORAM (Active Ingredient)

  • Manufactured by Dow AgroSciences
  • Trade Names: Tordon, Grazon, Access, Pathway

CLOPYRALID (Active Ingredient)

  • Manufactured by Dow AgroSciences
  • Trade Names: Curtail, Redeem, R&P, Transline, Confront, Lontrel

AMINOPYRALID (Active Ingredient)

  • Manufactured by Dow AgroSciences
  • Trade Names: Milestone, Forefront, Chaparrel