Our laying hens are raised on pasture and food scraps from our local schools, neighbors and businesses. The hens are fed in an active composting system that allows us to culture healthy bacteria and fungi for them to forage on year round, providing a system that mimics the hens natural jungle feeding strategy. Their diet is supplemented with certified organic grains, oyster shells, and certified organic mineral mix. Our chickens are raised without synthetic hormones or antibiotics. The flock includes Barn Velders, Barred Rock, Pearl White Leghorns, Red Star, Black Star, Buff Orphington, Black Australorpes, Black Cochin, Aruacana, Delaware, Black Giants, Rhode Islands Reds, Dark Cornish, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Light Brahmas. We raise a wide variety of breeds to support genetic diversity in the flock and a beautiful assortment of egg colors.

Eggs can be purchased here at our Littlest Farm Stand or at Buffalo Mountain Food Coop in Hardwick.

In an effort to use less resources, we welcome folks to leave clean, cardboard egg cartons for us to re-use at the farm stand. No plastic or styrofoam cartons, please. Cartons can be left inside the farm stand on the designated shelf.